Gays Who Love The Pope

I get how hard it must be for religious gays to make peace between their religion and sexual orientation.

It’s easier for ME to accept me being gay, cause I don’t believe in any religion and I don’t have the Pope telling me that being gay is evil.

But what about gays who love Pope Benedict XVI and are very excited that he’s finally visiting Lebanon? Do they know what the Pope thinks of them? Do they know he thinks they’re committing a great sin?

I have a gay guy on whatsapp who changed his display picture to the Vatican flag, and two other gay people on BBM who keep sending broadcasts about the Pope.

I don’t understand it. You’re GAY! How could you promote someone who promotes intolerance towards YOU?

Are you misinformed? Or do you really just NOT know that he’s said all these things? Or do you choose to live in denial?

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5 thoughts on “Gays Who Love The Pope

  1. Anonymous

    I am Christian and believe in Christianity, and respect and love the Pope for being the head of the church. That does not mean that I agree with ALL what he says. Today its this Pope, tomorrow there will be another. Its like I love my mum but disagree with her on many things. On the other hand, his coming to Lebanon is a cause that I totally support, and has nothing to do with my sexual orientation, but answers my religious and patriotic cause, therefore the “minimum” is to support his visit. I hope that clarifies your concerns.

  2. Mi7tar


    First of all I’m not a Christian so I’m not going to act like I understand the value or the meaning of his vist to Lebanon

    So I’m going to speak as a Muslim guy , every year at Ramdan . I act like I’m happy or fasting and stuff….. My point is sending BC’s and changing display pix doesn’t mean I’m exited about that thing , it’s just me acting infront of everyone to not be the only one who doesn’t care about the religious stuff

  3. Anonymous

    Honestly, if the pope/sheikh/whatever knew half of the things we’re up to, gay or straight, we’re all committing a great sin in the eyes of religion. So as long as you find peace between the things you do (whether you think they’re right or “oh i shouldn’t do this” kind of things) and a belief, then go for it.


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